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Self Defense Training
Krav Maga


Krav Maga Self Defense, the most modern Self Defense known to humankind, is in Kerala.

What is Krav-Maga?

Krav-Maga is purely self-defense fighting system for surviving any real life threats. This can be under any conditions in the street, at home, at office, at the battle field or any other environment, regardless whether it is during a civil, law enforcement, terrorist or military type scenario. 

Krav Maga is not a Competition Sport but, simply effective techniques to deal with the common attacker, rapist, bully or street hooligan having no morals, decency or honorable intentions, who is just up to causing trouble. 

Krav-Maga is the solution, to violent crimes and criminal activities. 

Krav-Maga has no rules like many martial arts, that means there are very little to learn and basic instinctive attacks form part of training and  includes biting, gouging the eyes, using incidental objects as weapons, breaking small joints and striking effectively with all available body weapons. This is what Krav-Maga is all about.

A Comparison Table:

Traditional Martial Arts
Fighting dirty and learning no-holds-barred moves in a realistic environment
Formal, ritual oriented, and difficult to learn
Adapts to the student
Expects the student to adapt to it
Students build on their natural human reflexes
Teaches moves adapted from animals
Relies on “continuous motion” to complete the defense hence nothing is ritual or choreographed
Competitive tournaments, katas, rituals, or choreographed routines
Brings students to a high level of skill in a relatively short period
Brings students to a high level of skill in a long period like 10 to 20 years
Incorporates modern realistic re-enactments so students learn how to operate under the stress
Ritual oriented routines based on old era of swords and arrows
No Rules; use everything you have
As a sport, it has rules and illegal moves
Adapts and is a hybrid of mixed martial arts techniques like Boxing, Karate, Judo, JuJitsu, Muay Thai and other lesser known styles
Does not adapt or learn from other martial arts
Students learn to function during the stress and shock of a sudden, violent encounter/ Thus, it is excellent for realistic Self Defense in an unpredictable environment like streets & modern life.
Most Martial Arts in their traditional form are not realistic Self Defense systems and are ineffective in modern life.

"It would be very accurate to say Learning 'Krav Maga' is learning the Best of all the Martial Arts put together, in the least possible time."

All Krav-Maga training is done under expert supervision and protective body gears, so there is no chance for injuries.

This is also a real treat for the Martial arts Enthusiasts/ Self Defense Enthusiasts/ Fitness Enthusiasts alike.  

Who can learn Krav Maga Self Defense:-

  • Kids above age of 7 years,
  • Women of all ages,
  • Men of all ages,
  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • Private Security, 
  • Body Guards, 
  • Martial Artists, etc.

"Men, Women and Children can easily learn Krav Maga and make use of the skills their entire life time. "

What you’ll learn :

1.     Stances and Movements
2.     Straight Punches
3.     Circular Punches
4.     Punches with Directional Movement
5.     Elbow Strikes – Horizontal  & Vertical Strikes
6.     Hammer Punches
7.     Kicks
8.     Leg Defenses against Kicks
9.     Hand Defenses v/s Kicks
10.  Outside Defenses (“360”)
11.  Outside Defenses against Punches
12.  Inside Defenses v/s Straight Punches
13.  Inside Defense (with arm or forearm) against Straight Punches
14.  Release from Chokes
15.  Release from Headlock
16.  Release from Bear Hugs – Arms Free / Arms Caught
17.  Release Wrist / Hand Grabs
18.  Defense against Knife Threats
19.  Defense against an Attacker charging with a Knife (over 2m distance)
20.  Ways of Getting up from the ground
21.  Releases while on the ground
22.  Dealing with falls
23.  Using Common Objects as Weapons for Self-Defense
24.  Simulation and Tactics
25.  Kubutan Training. 

NGOs, Corporates, Groups, Associations and individuals who are hard pressed for time can also take advantage of our Specific Threat Scenarios Trainings like:-

  • Women Self Defense.
  • Kids Self Defense.
  • Car Jacking Defense.
  • Knife Defense.
  • Gun Defense.
  • Stick Defense.
  • Home Protection Defense. etc.

For inquiries Contact :

Adv. Anu V. Nambalikkaran : 0 9744 22 9744.

Write to us at:


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